Fundraiser tee for Maddox Willingham

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As most of you know, Maddox Willingham of Fruithurst, Alabama is entering in to his 3rd battle with leukemia. Maddox is a 1st grader at Cleburne County Elementary. Right now the family is awaiting finalizations for treatment in Philadelphia to receive a trial therapy called CAR-T. After getting back into remission he will have to go through a second bone marrow transplant. Maddox's family will travel with him every step of the way for however long it takes. We want to help the Willingham family! 

Maddox helped design this tee shirt, and we have committed to give 100% of the proceeds to the Willingham family! Maddox knew he wanted a tiger on there so all his friends can wear it to school to support the TIGER TOUGH MADDOX STRONG foundation! Now that we have Maddox's approval on the tee, let's love on this precious family!